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Relaxation - Meditation - Stress Reduction - Water Video and CD.

Stress Reduction - Peaceful Waters Video is...

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Relax Easier, Sleep Better, Aid Meditation
Peaceful Waters Video is...

Video of brooks, streams, lakes, ponds, over 35 beautiful water sequences, soothingly blended together to give you a visual experience that washes stress out of your body. Peaceful Waters DVD cover.

The water imagery is enhanced by the addition of the pure sound of water as it flows through its environment. No distracting music. No travelog video imagery... just water, pure, soothing and restoring. Water to relax you. Water to meditate with and on. Water to wash over and through you, clearing your mind, healing your emotions and renewing your spirit.

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Reduced Stress
"I put Peaceful Waters in my DVD player; within a few minutes, I could feel the tension flowing out of my body... just great!" ~ Lynda B. Concord, CA

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